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The Appraisal Foundation is an Institutional Member and proud Sponsor of the International Valuation

Standards Council (IVSC). In addition, the Foundation is an active participant of the IVSC Advisory Forum

Work Group.

The IVSC is an independent, not-for-profit organization that acts as the global standard

setter for valuation practice and the valuation profession, serving the public interest.

The IVSC is the developer of the International Valuation Standards 2017 (IVS 2017), the

latest version of the global standards for valuation professionals. For more information

on the IVSC and IVS 2017 visit .

The Foundation and the IVSC are working

together to harmonize valuation standards. As

part of this effort, both groups jointly released

A Bridge from USPAP to IVS .

This document

was developed to assist appraisers familiar

with the

Uniform Standards of Professional

Appraisal Practice

(USPAP) to produce a valuation

that is also compliant with the IVS. While the

document describes additional steps necessary

to ensure that compliance, a full review of both

sets standards is always encouraged. Both

organizations note that this joint effort unveiled

more commonalities than differences in the two

sets of standards.

A Bridge from USPAP to IVS

will be amended to

be consistent with updates to IVS and USPAP as

they occur.

For copies of

A Bridge from USPAP to IVS

, visit

or .